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Why glass art

The basic idea behind fused glass is that art objects are created by melting glass in a kiln.

Fused glass (sometimes called kilnformed, warm or kiln-glass) is growing quickly in popularity around the world.

Unlike paintings and prints which can suffer fading or condensation, glass art is very veratile and can be displayed in living rooms, bathrooms and conservatorie

About Ella...

The work of Icelandic artist Ella Rósinkrans often takes form as wall sculptures made of recycled glass in which mild and intense colours play with abstract as well as figurative subjects. They have enchanted and fascinated art lovers around the world since she discovered the method and aesthetic over a decade ago. Speaking of their quality she enthuses, "The glass is a transparent, honest material, surrounded with magic."

With roots in the remote west fjords of Iceland the artist has travelled widely. After her art studies in Iceland she went to South America''s Chile where she studied art and design. She lived there and worked for years and one can sense exotic cultural waves in her work. Rósinkrans has worked as an artist and designer for the last twenty five years and among other achievements has designed jewellery for the well-known chain of stores, Oasis, in Britain.

"I guess I am celebrating life in my work, embracing it and seizing," the artist says about her own work. The affect is obvious, "Carpe diem" or seize the day, is a clear message of the glass works – joyful creatures and earthly and heavenly forms." Collectors worldwide testify to their multi-cultural appeal where her pieces decorate a number of the larger corporations in Iceland, as well as many private homes.